Even when our location was still known as Brumos Porsche, people would stop by our Porsche dealership in Florida to ask us all sorts of questions. They’d ask us about our new car specials, for instance, and they’d ask what the benefits of purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle instead of a previously owned car were.

Being a Jacksonville Porsche dealer at this time of year, when many people are getting ready to head back up north, we get asked one question an awful lot. And that question is whether or not it’s advisable to leave the top up or down when you’re storing a convertible.

If you’re going to put your convertible in storage until you return to the Sunshine State, we encourage you to leave the top up. Remember – the job of your car’s top is to keep things out of your automobile. Even when your car is in storage and safe from the elements, things like dust, debris, and insects will still try to get into your vehicle. Keeping your automobile’s top up will go a long way toward preventing these things from getting into your car.

In addition to keeping undesirable things from accessing the interior of your vehicle, leaving your top up can prevent the top from creasing. While it’s normally easy to get creases out of a convertible’s top simply by leaving it up for a while, the top’s color might change where the top is stretched and folded. You can prevent this from happening by leaving your car’s top up while it’s in storage.

If you’re ready to find a luxury vehicle you’ll enjoy driving regardless of whether the top is up or down, visit Porsche of Jacksonville today.