As a Jacksonville, FL Porsche dealer, we see it all the time – dogs sticking their heads out of the window as their owners cruise down the road. And we love it! There’s nothing quite like seeing the expression on a dog’s face as their lips flap wildly in the breeze. It’s a sight that will put a smile on just about everyone’s face.

Approximately 46 million households in the United States include at least one canine family member. Nearly 60 percent of dog owners drive with their pet at least once per month. With so many motorists traveling with their pets regularly, we thought it would be a good idea to provide some advice about how you can travel with your pet safely.

Whether you’re making the short drive over to our Porsche dealership near Palm Coast, FL or you’re taking a long road trip, the smartest thing you can do to travel safely with your pet is avoid letting yourself get distracted by your dog when you’re driving. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents so limiting distractions of any kind is an effective way to stay safe on the road.

In addition to not allowing your pet to become a distraction, you should restrain your pet when he or she is in the car with you. Using a crash-tested crate, carrier, harness, or car seat will not just keep your dog in place. It can also protect your pet if an accident occurs and prevent your dog from bouncing around the cabin or getting injured.

Finally, you should always have your vehicle inspected by our factory-trained automotive technicians before you head out of town for a trip with your pet. Our technicians will make sure your car is prepared to handle the rigors of the road and keep you and your pet safe. Make a service appointment with Porsche of Jacksonville today!