You don’t need to be a Jacksonville, FL Porsche dealer like us to know that you can encounter a hazard on the road at any given moment. From weather to other drivers, it’s important to be prepared. Today, we’re highlighting a few common road hazards and how to handle them.

Pop-up thunderstorms are a constant threat around our Porsche dealership. If you’re on the road when a storm strikes, take the proper precautions:

  • Slow down so that your speed is in concert with the flow of traffic.
  • Leave a greater distance between your car and the automobile in front of you.
  • Use your windshield wipers to keep your field of vision as clear as possible.
  • Turn on your headlights so you can see the road better and to ensure your vehicle is noticeable to cars around you.

Heavy traffic is another hazard that area drivers must contend with regularly. If you’re stuck in traffic, leave more space between your car and the one you’re following to ensure you’ll have enough time to stop suddenly when necessary. Keep an eye out for vehicles that may pull in front of you with little or no warning as well.

Reckless drivers are a threat to the safety of everyone on the roadway. If someone is texting, under the influence, or needlessly weaving between cars while driving, the person is acting like a reckless driver. When you notice a reckless driver, let the person pass you and maintain a considerable distance between your car and the vehicle.

For more tips about how you should react to common road hazards, contact Porsche Jacksonville today, your local Porsche dealership near Fernandina Beach, FL.