As your local Jacksonville, FL Porsche dealer, many parents have told us stories about how they’ve struggled to keep their kids entertained in the car when the batteries in their children’s electronic devices have died. These stories are all too familiar because many of us have had difficulty keeping smiles on the faces of our own children when they haven’t been able to use their tablets or cell phones in the car.

Being Porsche dealers, we know that driving a Porsche vehicle provides hours of endless fun for the person behind the wheel of the car. While we also know that being a passenger in one of these vehicles is pretty entertaining in its own right, we still think it’s a good idea to have a list of activities that will engage your kids during long trips to prevent them from becoming bored.

One activity we enjoy is storytelling. Storytelling lets your kids be creative and it fully engages their minds. You can do this by having someone start a story with one sentence. Then, the person to that individual’s left provides the next sentence in the story, and so on and so forth. In our experience, you normally won’t reach the end of your nonsensical tale because it will take a humorous turn that will have everyone laughing pretty early in the storytelling process.

Freeze dance is another activity that generally leads to bouts of laughter. To play, turn the radio up and encourage everyone to dance in their seats. When the music stops, everyone must freeze and hold their positions until the music starts again. This game is not only fun and funny, it’s a great way for everyone to burn off a little pent up energy.

If you want some more ideas about how you can keep your kids entertained without using electronic gadgets, visit our Porsche dealership on Atlantic Boulevard. Don’t forget to bring your vehicle to Porsche Jacksonville to make sure it’s ready for the road before you head out for your next family adventure. Give us a call or stop by our Porsche dealership to make your next service appointment today.