As your local Jacksonville, FL Porsche dealer, we encourage you to bring your vehicle into our Porsche service center if you think you need new tires. Knowing when you should replace your tires isn’t an exact science because various factors can influence how long tires last, including your driving habits, the environment you drive in most frequently, the road conditions in your area, and how you tend to your tires.

Many things can shorten the lifespan of your tires such as a pothole, a sharp object, speeding, quick starts and stops, and speed bumps. Even if your tires haven’t been damaged, your tires will become worn over time. To make sure you have enough tread on your tires, you should examine them at least once per month. When you look over your tires, you should check to make sure they are wearing evenly and inspect them for damage. If you see something unusual or your tires are wearing unevenly, you should bring your vehicle to our Porsche service center because it may be an indication of a bigger problem or a sign you need new tires.

While there is no hard and fast rule about when you should replace your tires, it’s generally a good idea to have a professional inspect your tires at least once per year if you’ve had the same tires for five years or longer. If you haven’t replaced your tires during the ten years that followed their manufacturing date, it’s wise to get new tires. If your tires are ten years-old or older, you should replace them even if they look safe and haven’t been worn down to the tread wear indicator. Remember, these general guidelines apply to your spare tire as well as the tires you use every day.

If you think there’s even a slight chance that you may need new tires, bring your car to our Porsche dealership on Atlantic Boulevard. Our factory-trained technicians will inspect your tires and make sure your vehicle is ready for the road. Give us a call, contact us online, or visit Porsche of Jacksonville, formerly known as Brumos Porsche, to schedule your next service appointment today.