Even though it might not get as cold around our Jacksonville, FL Porsche dealership as it does in other parts of the country, you may still have to put your kids in winter jackets from time to time. If you travel to a colder part of the nation over the holidays, it’s even more likely that you’ll have to dress your kids in warm, bulky jackets.

If you have young kids who still use car seats, you should know that putting your kids in their car seats when they’re wearing bulky coats can be dangerous. That’s because the bulkiness of their jackets can cause the straps in their car seats to be dangerously loose. It’s hard to judge whether the straps in your kids’ car seats are adjusted properly when they’re wearing big coats, but it’s necessary to adjust the harnesses correctly so that your children are protected. In a crash, the insulation in your children’s coats will be compressed, which may cause your kids to be ejected from their seats.

At our dealership, we’re not just a Jacksonville Porsche dealer. We’re also people who care about you and your kids, which is why we thought it would be a good idea to provide the following list of steps you can use to determine whether it’s okay for your kids to wear winter coats while they’re in their car seats:

  • Place your child in the car seat without a jacket and adjust the straps. The harness should be snug enough so that you can’t pinch more than an inch of webbing.
  • Dress your child in his or her winter coat and then put your child back in the car seat. If you don’t have to loosen the straps to secure your child correctly, it’s okay for your child to wear his or her coat in the car seat.
  • If you have to loosen the seat’s straps for your child to be comfortable in the car seat when your child is wearing a jacket, your child shouldn’t wear his or her coat while in the car seat.

Adjusting the straps and getting your kids’ car seats in and out of a vehicle should be an easy task. To learn which of our vehicles can accommodate a rear-facing car seat easily, contact our Porsche dealership in Florida. Better yet, stop by Porsche of Jacksonville to see our inventory of Porsche sedans and SUVs today.