Even when we were still known as “Brumos Porsche,” drivers would ask us all sorts of questions. Being your local Porsche dealers in Jacksonville, FL, we love it when people ask us questions about their Porsche cars because it gives us a chance to provide useful information while we get to know our clients better.

One topic that seems to interest a considerable number of motorists in our area is the differences that exist between manual and automatic transmissions. The biggest difference between these two transmissions is that a manual transmission requires a driver to be engaged when shifting gears while an automatic transmission changes gears automatically with minimal input from a driver.

These transmissions differ in other ways, too. A manual transmission requires a learning curve and physical coordination to work the clutch, throttle, and gears without harming the transmission. An automatic transmission is much easier to use.

While a manual transmission gives motorists the feeling that they’re in full control of their automobiles, an automatic transmission is much more convenient to have in stop-and-go traffic. As a general rule, manual transmissions are simpler and less costly to maintain and repair than automatic transmissions are. The gear shift for a manual transmission is located on the floor of a vehicle while an automatic transmission’s gear shift is located on the steering column or the floor.

When you visit our North Florida Porsche dealership, you’ll see that Porsche cars come with both manual and automatic transmissions. Depending on the Porsche model you decide to buy or lease, you may be able to choose which transmission your automobile has. The biggest factor you should pay attention to as you’re deciding between a manual and automatic transmission is your personal preference.

Whether you want your car to have a manual or an automatic transmission, we’ll help you find a Porsche automobile that checks all of the boxes on the list of everything you want your luxury vehicle to have. Visit Porsche Jacksonville to see our inventory of the latest Porsche models today.