One of the best things about being a Jacksonville, FL Porsche dealer is providing advice that can help drivers keep their vehicles running smoothly. With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to describe some common car noises and explain what they might mean.

Interpreting car sounds is something every motorist should be able to do to one degree or another. This is particularly true when it comes to the sounds that indicate your vehicle is due for some routine maintenance. One sound that’s a sure indicator that your car needs some routine maintenance is squealing coming from a wheel well.

Modern brake pads have a built-in brake pad indicator. When this indicator is exposed, it starts to rub against your rotor, which will make squealing sounds that emanate from your wheel well. If this happens, it generally means your brake pad is worn and it needs to be replaced. While you can put off replacing a partially worn brake pad for a little while, you need to replace it before the squealing sound becomes a scream or, worse, a grinding noise.

Other car noises are more subtle and difficult to interpret. Would you know how to interpret a groaning yawn when you turn your steering wheel? In many cases, this sound means something is causing friction in your power steering system. It may also mean your power steering pump is about to fail. In either case, you should bring your automobile into our Porsche service center near Palm Coast, FL as quickly as possible.

If you hear a squeak coming from your steering column, you may have a less serious issue with your power steering system that can often be resolved by adding more fluid to your power steering system. If that doesn’t stop the squeaking, you might have a leak in your system that you’ll have to have fixed by our factory-trained technicians.

To learn more about car sounds and what they often mean, contact Porsche Jacksonville today.