Are you planning on taking your pet on a road trip this summer? Of course, you should make sure your pet is up for such an excursion before you start plotting your route. If you’re unsure how your pet will handle being on the road, start out with some short trips around town and monitor your pet’s reaction.

Once you’re sure your dog or cat won’t get too stressed traveling in a vehicle, it’s time to get an automobile that will keep you and your furry friend comfy during your time away from home. And you can do that when you stop by our location to look through the new Porsche cars in our showroom.

After you buy or lease a new Porsche vehicle, you’ll need to prepare for your upcoming adventure. Call ahead to make reservations at a pet-friendly hotel. If your dog barks at every new sound, make sure you request a room in a low-traffic area that’s away from elevators and ingress/egress points. While you’re making your hotel reservation, ask about pet-friendly eateries and attractions so you’ll know where you can take your pet when you arrive at your destination.

When you pack for your pet, make sure you bring along things that’ll keep it at-ease in unfamiliar surroundings. Your pet’s bed, a blanket that smells like home, and toys should be among the first things you pack up on the day you’ll embark on your trip.

To learn more tips, contact our Porsche dealership near Fernandina Beach, FL. We look forward to serving you soon here at Porsche Jacksonville today.