Buying a pre-owned Porsche vehicle is one of the easiest ways to get a luxurious and elegant vehicle without exceeding your budget. Don’t let any myths, misinformation, or fears deter you from buying a great vehicle, and when you visit Porsche Jacksonville, we’ll bust any and all myths thrown our way.   

Myth #1: Pre-Owned Cars Aren’t Reliable 

 This general, sweeping statement is not true in many cases, especially if you’re buying a pre-owned or certified pre-owned (CPO) Porsche vehicle. The truth is that many drivers get that itch for a new car every two or three years, which leaves our pre-owned inventory stocked with models that have under 50,000 miles and very few defects.

We make sure every pre-owned model on our lot is fully inspected and reconditioned before we put it up for sale. 

Myth #2: You Can’t Finance a Pre-Owned Car  

At our Porsche dealership, we can hook you up with a lender that helps you meet your new car goals with a reasonable financing plan. Whether you only need to finance a couple thousand dollars or the whole vehicle, it is more than possible with our new and pre-owned cars.   

Myth #3: Pre-Owned Cars Don’t Come With Warranties 

 This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, our CPO Porsche cars come with a CPO Limited Warranty for two years and unlimited mileage from the expiration of the new vehicle limited warranty. This gets you two years of coverage plus roadside assistance and other perks.   

Pre-Owned Vehicles at Porsche Jacksonville 

Visit our Porsche dealership to explore our expansive inventory of pre-owned Porsche cars for sale. We can talk about more common misconceptions, misunderstandings, or any hesitations you may have with buying pre-owned. At our dealership, you’ll be taken care of so you can drive off in the car of your dreams.