Some vehicle parts can last for the full duration of a car’s life, while other parts will need to be replaced at least once. Whatever part you’re replacing, you should always aim for genuine Porsche parts in Jacksonville, FL, as they are always the better option over their aftermarket counterparts. 

Guaranteed Quality 

OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer as your vehicle. This ensures a 100-percent compatible fit, as the component is often identical to the factory part you’re replacing.

In the rare instance that a defect occurs not long after repairs, further servicing will be covered under the warranty. If a defect occurs with an aftermarket part, then it’s another round of repairs on your dime. 

Another thing to remember about aftermarket parts is that they’re designed to be compatible across multiple car brands and models. While this may make the part convenient and often more affordable, it’s unlikely to provide the same degree of performance and longevity.

Not to mention, some aftermarket parts are merely refurbished components pulled from an older vehicle. Independent auto shops may offer these parts as a bargain offer, but the part, while restored or rebuilt, is far from brand new. 

Covered Warranty 

Have you read your Porsche vehicle’s warranty terms and conditions? It likely states that any use of non-OEM parts will make the warranty null and void if the part is the cause of the malfunction. 

While the affordability of aftermarket parts may be tempting, keep in mind that it could end up costing you far more financially if your warranty is voided. Stick with OEM parts to keep your warranty in good standing. 

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