When you work with our Porsche financial services team to buy your dream exotic vehicle, we’ll create a plan that works for you. Part of this will address your down payment. To help you get the right loan or lease structure for your budget and lifestyle, Fields Porsche Jacksonville has put together this down payment guide.

Determining the Right Down Payment

For a new Porsche convertible, coupe, or SUV, it’s best to start with a down payment of about 20%. If you’re purchasing a pre-owned model, the down payment might be a bit less. Our Porsche financial services center will help determine your down payment based on your chosen model and year, along with your credit history and budget.

How Your Down Payment Affects Your Monthly Payments

The larger your down payment, the less your monthly lease or loan fee will be. Since the size of your down payment may affect your interest rate, many of our customers choose to put down 20% or more when they finance a Porsche vehicle. This is a great way to lower your monthly payments.

Are Down Payments Required for Both Loans and Leases?

Down payments are only required if you are purchasing a new or pre-owned Porsche model. However, if you choose to put money down on a lease, your monthly fees will be reduced. We can help you make a decision that best fits your lifestyle.

Learn More About Porsche Financial Services in Jacksonville, FL

You deserve to drive the auto you’ve always dreamed of — in other words, you deserve to drive a Porsche. And our Porsche financial services department can’t wait to make your dreams come true with a loan or lease structure that works for you. Visit our Jacksonville, FL Porsche dealership so we can help you drive home in the car or SUV you’ve always been waiting for.