When people are looking for new Porsche cars in or around our home town, they often visit Porsche of Jacksonville. That’s because we have the latest Porsche models at our Porsche dealership in Florida. We love it when car shoppers visit our convenient location on Atlantic Boulevard because it gives us the chance to show off our inventory of new Porsche vehicles. It also gives us the opportunity to join motorists for test drives and see their reactions when they get behind the wheel of a new Porsche automobile for the first time.

Even when our Jacksonville, FL Porsche dealership was still known as “Brumos Porsche,” we’d see drivers struggle to position their rearview mirrors properly when they prepared to go for a test drive. While many drivers now rely primarily on their blind spot monitoring systems and rearview cameras instead of their rearview mirrors, side mirrors are still one of the main ways drivers keep an eye on what’s going on behind them. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to provide some advice you can use to ensure your side mirrors are positioned properly.

In our experience, too many drivers position their side mirror to reflect large patches of the sides of their cars. Doing this can prevent you from seeing things that are more important than your vehicle’s paint job…things such as other automobiles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Here are some tips you can use to make sure your side mirrors are in optimal position:

  • Get the driver’s seat in the position that’s most comfortable for you and lean a bit to the left
  • Look out the driver’s side mirror and move it so that it reflects the very edge of your vehicle on its inside edge
  • Once the driver’s side mirror is positioned properly, lean slightly to the right and position your passenger side’s mirror the same way you adjusted your other side mirror

By adjusting your side mirrors in the manner described above, you’ll be able to see your car when you’re backing up or trying to park, but you’ll get a full rearward view when you’re driving straight ahead. When your side mirrors are in the right position, you’ll be able to see the cars behind you, three lanes wide. When a car is passing you on the right and is no longer visible in your side mirror, it should be immediately visible through your window.

Having a great view of the road in all directions is important for you to stay safe on the road. Contact Porsche of Jacksonville to schedule a test drive and we’ll help you position your side mirrors properly when you get here. Give us call, contact us online, or stop by our Porsche dealership near St. Augustine, FL today.