If you have an interest in our new Porsche cars, we invite you to visit our showroom. As Florida Porsche dealers, we love it when drivers stop by to see the luxury vehicles we have at our location—there’s nothing quite like seeing their faces when they slip behind the wheel of a premium automobile.

While we like helping motorists find a luxury car they’ll love driving everywhere they go, we also enjoy helping them get the most out of their ownership experience. One way we do that is by offering service you can count on in our Porsche service center.

If your check engine light comes on, it can be an intimidating experience. While your mind may leapfrog ahead and assume the worst, an illuminated check engine light can be a sign of an issue that is affordable and easy to fix. However, it could also be an indication of a complex problem that is more expensive to repair.

Here are some of the things that may cause your check engine light to illuminate:

  • Poor lubrication in your engine
  • Failed oil pump
  • Dirty oil
  • Faulty or failed oxygen sensor
  • Substandard compression
  • Too little coolant
  • Clogged radiator, fuel lines, or fuel filter
  • Worn spark plugs
  • Missing gas cap

As you can see, a wide array of issues can cause your check engine light to turn on. If your is on, make an appointment to bring your car to our Porsche service center near St. Augustine, FL as soon as you can. If you put off making an appointment too long, some of the minor problems mentioned above can morph into much bigger issues.

To find and finance a new luxury vehicle, visit our Porsche dealership. For more information about things that can cause your check engine light to come on, contact Porsche Jacksonville today.