As Porsche dealers serving Fernandina Beach, FL and surrounding areas, we can tell you that we’re really happy so many drivers are comfortable asking us all sorts of questions. While we field a wide array of inquiries, we do hear some questions more than others.

  • Will your finance experts be able to help me finance a vehicle if my credit isn’t the best? We will do our best! We work with clients that come from all financial backgrounds, and every situation is unique. Visit us today to see where you stand.
  • What’s the biggest advantage to purchasing a pre-owned automobile? This is really a matter of opinion, but many people think sidestepping the rapid depreciation that occurs in the first few years a vehicle is owned is the most notable benefit. Other drivers may think lower a insurance premium is the biggest advantage, while still others think a lower purchase price is the best benefit. To enjoy these benefits and more, visit Porsche Jacksonville and check out our used cars for sale that are of the highest quality.
  • What’s the best thing I can do to ensure my car retains its resale value? The smartest thing you can do to make sure your vehicle retains its resale value is to keep up with the routine maintenance your automobile needs, along with maintaining the interior and exterior.
  • Do you sell Porsche parts and accessories at your North FL Porsche dealership? Yes, we sell Porsche parts and accessories in our Porsche parts department. You can visit our location to buy what you need or you can place an order online through our website.

If you have a question and it’s not included in the list just provided, contact Porsche Jacksonville now.