Whether you drive a new Porsche vehicle, one of our pre-owned Porsche cars, or an automobile manufactured by another brand, you may have to change the fluid in your transmission at least once during the time you own your ride. The reasons why you might have to replace your transmission fluid differ depending on if you have a manual or automatic transmission, however.

You need to change the fluid in your manual transmission because of contamination. As the components in a manual transmission experience wear and tear, tiny pieces of them end up in your transmission fluid. This prevents the fluid from keeping your transmission lubricated as well as it should be, which can shorten the working life of your manual transmission.

Contamination isn’t what makes it necessary to change the transmission fluid in an automatic transmission, however. Degradation is. Automatic transmissions run “hotter” than manuals do, and that added heat causes the transmission fluid to break down, which compromises the liquid’s ability to keep the transmission’s moving parts lubricated sufficiently.

When you look through your owner’s manual, you’ll see recommendations for when you should have your transmission fluid replaced. While some manufacturer guidelines differ, it’s generally wise to have the fluid in a manual transmission changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles under normal circumstances, or every 15,000 miles if you regularly use your automobile for heavy-duty tasks.

If your car is outfitted with an automatic transmission, you won’t have to change its fluid as often, if you ever do at all. For vehicles that require transmission fluid changes, it’s typically advisable to change the liquid every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

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