One of the most rewarding things we get to do at Porsche Jacksonville is help motorists secure financing when they visit our Porsche dealership in Florida. We don’t believe anyone should have to put off their dream of owning a luxury vehicle, which is why we’re always happy to help drivers secure an auto loan.

Whether you want to buy a new or pre-owned Porsche model, we’ll need to see a few things before we can process your loan application. For starters, we’ll need to see proof of your identity. We don’t ask to see your ID because we want to get a glimpse of your photograph. Federal law requires us to see proof of your identity when you apply for a loan.

If the address on your identification is current, we won’t need to see additional proof of where you live. You’ll need to provide a recent mortgage statement or a bill that has your address on it if the address on your ID is outdated.

We’ll need to see your auto insurance card as well. This is necessary because we have to make sure you have insurance before you can leave our Jacksonville, FL Porsche dealership with your new or new-to-you Porsche car.

Are you going to trade in your current automobile? If you plan to do so, you’ll need to bring the car’s registration with you when you apply for an auto loan. Drivers who own their existing vehicle outright should also bring the title as well.

Now that you know what you need to bring to apply for an auto loan, gather your things and head over to our Porsche finance center. We look forward to helping you secure financing when you visit Porsche Jacksonville!