Porsche cars are designed with performance in mind. With that said, continued optimal performance is highly dependent on how well you care for your vehicle, especially as you rack up miles.

All models require periodic checkups at a Porsche service center, and when you visit Porsche Jacksonville, we’ll tell you why professional care is so important for high-mileage Porsche cars.

Oil Degradation 

As you accumulate time spent on the road, impurities may get into your oil. This causes it to thicken and turn into a sludge-like material, and as a result, lubrication abilities diminish greatly. This can lead to the metal parts in your engine grinding against each other, which causes friction and can lead to your engine overheating. 

Brake Wear 

More driving also means more braking. As you apply the brakes daily, the rotors in your Porsche will gradually begin to wear. The rotors are an integral component that prevents friction in the brake pads and calipers. If the rotors wear thin, you run the dangerous risk of brake failure. 

Suspension Wear 

Your suspension consists of an intricate network of interlinking parts, from the axles to the bushings. Older cars will inevitably experience issues as their suspension systems age. Suspension problems like worn shock absorbers and eroding rubber bushings will usually manifest once a car reaches a six-digit mileage number.  

Timing Belt Wear 

Timing belts typically last between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. Problems with a timing belt may lead to a ticking sound when your engine is running, or you may even hear it misfire. Issues with this belt can cause damage to valves, pistons, and cylinders. 

Models like the Porsche Panamera are more than capable of continued optimal performance even as they become older. Make sure to give your vehicle the necessary professional care it needs by making a service appointment at Porsche Jacksonville.