Not sure exactly how to take care of your new Porsche car? Here you’ll find the answers to several frequently asked questions about Porsche service:

What Service Do I Need for My Porsche Car?

Keeping a finely tuned machine like a Porsche vehicle in great condition doesn’t have to be difficult. There are certain things you need to do on a regular basis:

  • Change the oil
  • Rotate the tires
  • Check tire air pressure
  • Top-off the fluids
  • Test the battery
  • Inspect the brakes

When Do I Need to Get Service?

When it comes to maintenance, time matters as much as, if not more than, your car’s mileage. That’s why it pays to put your vehicle on a service schedule.

  • Every 2-3 months: Top off the fluids and check the air pressure
  • Every 6 months: Change the oil and rotate the tires
  • Every year: Test the battery and inspect the brakes

How Do I Know My Car Needs Service?

In many cases, if service is needed, your car will let you know. Warning signs include:

  • Unusual sounds or smells
  • Loss of power or acceleration
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Dashboard warning lights

What Happens if I Skip Service?

If you don’t get regular service for your car, its performance will suffer greatly. Your wallet will also take a hit, as this will hurt your fuel economy. Eventually, you will probably be looking at an expensive repair or replacement that probably could’ve easily been avoided with routine maintenance.

Is Your Car Due for Service?

You can get any and all maintenance tasks done at the service center at Porsche Jacksonville. We can also pick up your car at your home or place of business and return it when the work is completed. Don’t hesitate — schedule a service appointment today!