With the right Porsche parts and reliable Porsche service, you’ll be able to keep your vehicle safe, efficient, and comfortable for a long time to come. But how do you know what parts to replace and when? Fields Porsche Jacksonville has your closer look at some of the common parts to replace and upgrade in your vehicle.


The filters in your vehicle, like the oil filter, air filter, and cabin filter, are designed for protection. For the most part, they help to protect the engine from dirt and debris by capturing it before it can cause damage. Over time, the filters become clogged with all that debris and will need to be replaced to ensure they can continue to do their job right.

Car Battery

Most car batteries have a lifespan of three to five years, which means you’ll want to schedule a battery replacement for your vehicle at least every five years. That said, the environment where you drive and store your vehicle most often can have a significant impact on the capacity of the vehicle. It’s important to get your battery inspected regularly, especially after the three-year mark, and to replace it when it shows a capacity loss.


Your tires are essentially your first line of defense when it comes to safe driving out on the open road. That’s why you’ll want to replace them no less than every six years. Get them rotated, filled, and inspected regularly, and watch for signs of damage or wear, like a drop in fuel economy or obvious tread loss.

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No matter what your Porsche part needs may be, Fields Porsche Jacksonville has you covered. Visit our dealership to find new Porsche parts and accessories, and to schedule the expert service that will ensure they’re installed right every time.